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Daniel Hays.

Evolution of Adam, The. Peter Enns. Why Believe the Bible? John MacArthur. How God Became Jesus. Michael F. Francis A. Philip Graham Ryken. John Shelby Spong. Across the Spectrum. Gregory A. Journey into God's Word. Scott Duvall. Understanding Scripture. Kent Hughes. Charles C. Four Views on Hell. Stanley N. The Easter Moment. Testing Scripture. John Polkinghorne. A Community Called Atonement. Scot McKnight. Irving Jensen. Created for Community. Stanley J. The Restoration of All Things.

Sam Storms. The Goldsworthy Trilogy. Graeme Goldsworthy. How Then Shall We Worship? Introducing Christian Doctrine. Millard J. Know What You Believe.

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Paul E. A Case for the Divinity of Jesus. Dean L. The Inerrant Word. Stephen J. Understanding Biblical Inerrancy.

Russ Bush III. Trinity, Revelation, and Reading.

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Dr Scott R. Let's Start with Jesus. Dennis F. Union with Christ. Michael Horton.

The Jewish Approach to God. Rabbi Neil Gillman. Rick Cornish. Tremper III Longman. William P. The Trinity, Practically Speaking. Frank D. Sacra Pagina: The Gospel of Mark.

By Oswald Chambers

John R. Donahue SJ. Jesus Risen in Our Midst. Sandra M. Schneiders IHM.

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Ryan O'Dowd. Erasing Hell. Francis Chan.

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Kieran Beville. Inductive Bible Study. David R. Scripture as Communication. Jeannine K. Treasure in the Field. Robert A. Theology as Discipleship. Keith L. The Complete Works of R. Torrey, Volume 2. An Evangelical Theology of Preaching. Donald English. The Bible: Irrelevant or Invaluable?

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Christianity Today Intl. Bible-Believing Christians. Phil Layton.

follow link Stanley E. Introducing Biblical Hermeneutics. Craig G. The Crucifixion of Ministry.